Land Conservation

My house does not have much of a yard.  There is not much land to conserve.  Though, where there is room for plants, I selected plants that are native, non-invasive, weather hardy, reproducing, or otherwise green.


By Drip or Drop

Saving water is mostly a matter of practice.  Practice turning off the water when brushing your teeth.  Practice using less water in the shower.  Practice collecting and using water that would have otherwise been wasted.  As always, practice makes perfect.


Flow Control

In my household, there are several devices that control the flow of water at just about every spout.  The knobs are obviously the first line of water conservation.  Turning the water flow down or off, saves water.

I have flow controls on the end of my showerheads and garden hoses.  Restricting the water flow to just the amount I need, saves water and minimizes my water bill.

No Cold Starting Showers

I use water for other activities in my household.  I need water for my houseplants to keep them healthy.  I also need water to replace what evaporates from my aquaria.  I discovered the hard way, that my shower near the master bedroom requires a bit of time for the hot water to reach the spigot. 

Rather than just letting the initial cold water run down the drain, I have plastic jugs that I fill with the cold water prior to taking a shower that are set aside for when the plants or fish need water.