Even though I live near the city, I have found a way to compost.  I purchased an Earth Machine through the Metro Nashville Public Works.  It is basically an anchored plastic barrel with a twist top lid.

Composting is about the simplest way to reduce organic waste.  Let it rot.  I am careful not to put anything into my compost bin that may cause a problem later such as meat or dairy products, pet waste, or weeds that might seed in my compost.  Right now my bin is full of flower or tree leaves, pineapple rind, coffee grounds, and other food scraps.


One of the easiest and simplest activities that I do in my household to reduce waste is recycle.  I separate my paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, steel cans, and aluminum cans for recycling.


Minimizing Waste

It is pretty simple.  What comes into your house, at some point will go out of your house.   Getting the stuff that goes out to be something other than garbage is the goal.