Safe Kids Walk This Way Grant


The Nashville Community Health and Wellness Team received a $3,000 grant from the Safe Kids charity whose focus is reducing child pedestrian injury or death.  The grant money was awarded specifically to improve the safety conditions for school children.  Our group looked at several maps and statistics to determine where to focus our attention.  We located two schools that shared the same intersection in a walkable part of east Nashville.

We formed a sub-committee that included representatives from the schools, the police department, the local health department, the city’s Public Works department, the community, and even representatives of Safe Kids corporate sponsors.  Through in-kind support, we were able to multiple our small budget into something much more meaningful.

Some of the accomplishments of the project included:

  1. improving a odd triangular concrete crosswalk

  2. repainting fading crosswalks

  3. adding new reflective safety yellow-green signs

  4. moving school zone signs and traffic light warnings further down the roads

  5. educating children about walking benefits and safety

  6. getting new brightly-colored safety cones for crossing guards

  7. getting new LED light-up stop sign paddles for crossing guards

  8. reducing litter and over-grown plants to improve safety

  9. fixing broken sidewalks and curbs to keep walkers off the streets

  10. gained the continued support of the school, parents, police, and local community

Making it safer for children to walk to school.

View or download our Walk This Way Report here.