Earth Day


Call me a treehugger.  I won’t complain; I won’t deny it.  Though, I might flash a wily smile after you turn away.  Call me a planet pleaser, too, as I seem dedicated to maintaining the natural beauty of our shared planet, Earth.

A few years before I was born, there were warning signs that the  planet was at risk.  I was probably too young to really understand, but I was a real boy and liked to play with rocks, frogs, bugs, and other stuff outside.  I really enjoyed fish and fishing.  I started my aquarium hobby in second grade and would find employment in the local pet shop during high school.  After really experiencing Nature during college and graduate school, I am pretty sure that have and enjoy an environmental outlook.  Humans and the environment need to coexist for the success of one another.  Hopefully, I can play a role in this coexistence.

The world is a naturally beautiful place, get out and experience it. 

Then you’ll understand for yourself why it is worth protecting.

Internationally, April 22nd is Earth Day.